Kete Kai Street Market

3pm to 8pm on Saturday, November 23

A Māori themed village market in High St, Picton with multicultural food vendors, crafts and stalls.

Would you like to be involved?  Contact Deedee at

Market Menu:

La Ruca will be serving their signature beef sandwich and empanadas.

La Ruca

Market Menu:

Paua patties, cream paua with ciabatta bread, paua wontons, paua dumplings, Chatham Island blue cod on cos salad, West Coast whitebait or mussel patties.

Chatham Island Seafood

Market Menu:

Modern boil up

Potato & kumara rosti

Pork, puha with boil up jus

And a cool kawakawa spritzer to wash it down


Salad cups including -

Watercress Chicken Salad : Roasted chicken, apple, celery, spring onions and mayonnaise, with watercress and pine nuts.


Summer Berry & Fruit Salad: An assortment of seasonal fruits and berries.


Rainbow Noodle Salad: Soba noodles, red cabbage, edamame, capsicum, spring onions, toasted cashews in a soy & sesame dressing.


Market Menu:



Market Menu:

Sharing plates, pulled pork sliders, beef sliders with cress, bacon sammies and home baking.

Nellie Mae's Food Caravan

Market menu:


Royale Beef Sandwich : Horopito rubbed, charcoal smoked brisket with onion jam, mustard mayo, cheese & dill pickle in Picton Village Bakkerij Multigrain bread.


Royale Vegetarian Sandwich: Cranky Goats smoked halloumi with onion jam, mustard mayo, cheese & dill pickle in Picton Village Bakkerij Multigrain bread.


Poke Bowl : Fresh marinated fish, seasoned rice, pickled vegetables, edamame beans, miso mayonnaise, sesame seeds & spice


Brisket & Cheddar Wontons with BBQ sauce


Iced Tea : Homemade with raspberry and mint

Feast Merchants

Market Menu:

BBQ’d bacon & avocado rolls and Pete’s natural beverages.

Smoked Marlborough

Market Menu:

Cream paua, fry bread, battered mussels, seafood chowder, mussel patties and raw fish.

Whare Kai

Market Menu:


Te Rerenga o Te Rā

Market Menu:

chicken tacos, kumara tacos and ceviche.

Chef Chris Street Food

Market Menu:

Marinated raw fish, oysters, kina, whitebait patties, spicy pork & kawakawa sausage and kawakawa, lemon & lime juice.

Kiwi Kai Nelson

Market Menu:

It wouldn't be a food market without the aunties from Manaaki.

They will be serving up their Manaaki Kawakawa Jelly ice cream sundaes.


Market menu:

Coffee, hot drinks (non dairy alternatives available), iced drinks, sweet slices and ice creams

The Bean Queen Coffee Cart

Market Menu:

Fry bread mince pockets (cheese & sour cream)
Seafood chowder
Rewena breads

Steam pudding with custard
Raw fish

Heyz Kai Kitchen

Market Menu:

Samoan food including lamb curry, steamed buns with meat (keke pua’a) chop suey, taro, fried beans, coconut buns (panipopo) and raw fish.


Market Menu:

Bowl of sausage, hot dog or pulled pork with slaw.

Swiss Butcher

Market Menu:

Look out for the Te Moutere Tawhito o Wairau kapa haka group - they're fundraising by selling whitebait patties, mussel fritters and seafood chowder.

Te Moutere Tawhito o Wairau

Waitohi/Picton foreshore event map


In 2019, New Zealand will mark 250 years since the first meetings between Māori and Pākehā during James Cook and the Endeavour’s 1769 voyage to Aotearoa New Zealand. Tuia – Encounters 250 will acknowledge this pivotal moment in our nation’s history as well as the extraordinary feats of Pacific voyagers who reached and settled in Aotearoa many years earlier.

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