In 2019, New Zealand will mark 250 years since the first meetings between Māori and Pākehā during James Cook and the Endeavour’s 1769 voyage to Aotearoa New Zealand. Tuia – Encounters 250 will acknowledge this pivotal moment in our nation’s history as well as the extraordinary feats of Pacific voyagers who reached and settled in Aotearoa many years earlier.

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Kete Kai Street Market

3pm to 8pm on Saturday, November 23

A Māori themed village market in High St, Picton with multicultural food vendors, crafts and stalls.

Would you like to be involved?  Contact Deedee at

Market Menu:

La Ruca will be serving their signature beef sandwich and empanadas.

La Ruca

Market Menu:

Paua patties, cream paua with ciabatta bread, paua wontons, paua dumplings, Chatham Island blue cod on cos salad, West Coast whitebait or mussel patties.

Chatham Island Seafood

Market Menu:

Modern boil up

Potato & kumara rosti

Pork, puha with boil up jus

And a cool kawakawa spritzer to wash it down


Salad cups including -

Watercress Chicken Salad : Roasted chicken, apple, celery, spring onions and mayonnaise, with watercress and pine nuts.


Summer Berry & Fruit Salad: An assortment of seasonal fruits and berries.


Rainbow Noodle Salad: Soba noodles, red cabbage, edamame, capsicum, spring onions, toasted cashews in a soy & sesame dressing.


Market Menu:



Market Menu:

Sharing plates, pulled pork sliders, beef sliders with cress, bacon sammies and home baking.

Nellie Mae's Food Caravan

Market menu:


Royale Beef Sandwich : Horopito rubbed, charcoal smoked brisket with onion jam, mustard mayo, cheese & dill pickle in Picton Village Bakkerij Multigrain bread.


Royale Vegetarian Sandwich: Cranky Goats smoked halloumi with onion jam, mustard mayo, cheese & dill pickle in Picton Village Bakkerij Multigrain bread.


Poke Bowl : Fresh marinated fish, seasoned rice, pickled vegetables, edamame beans, miso mayonnaise, sesame seeds & spice


Brisket & Cheddar Wontons with BBQ sauce


Iced Tea : Homemade with raspberry and mint

Feast Merchants

Market Menu:

BBQ’d bacon & avocado rolls and Pete’s natural beverages.

Smoked Marlborough

Market Menu:

Cream paua, fry bread, battered mussels, seafood chowder, mussel patties and raw fish.

Whare Kai

Market Menu:


Te Rerenga o Te Rā

Market Menu:

chicken tacos, kumara tacos and ceviche.

Chef Chris Street Food

Market Menu:

Marinated raw fish, oysters, kina, whitebait patties, spicy pork & kawakawa sausage and kawakawa, lemon & lime juice.

Kiwi Kai Nelson

Market Menu:

It wouldn't be a food market without the aunties from Manaaki.

They will be serving up their Manaaki Kawakawa Jelly ice cream sundaes.


Market menu:

Coffee, hot drinks (non dairy alternatives available), iced drinks, sweet slices and ice creams

The Bean Queen Coffee Cart

Market Menu:

Fry bread mince pockets (cheese & sour cream)
Seafood chowder
Rewena breads

Steam pudding with custard
Raw fish

Heyz Kai Kitchen

Market Menu:

Samoan food including lamb curry, steamed buns with meat (keke pua’a) chop suey, taro, fried beans, coconut buns (panipopo) and raw fish.


Market Menu:

Bowl of sausage, hot dog or pulled pork with slaw.

Swiss Butcher

Market Menu:

Look out for the Te Moutere Tawhito o Wairau kapa haka group - they're fundraising by selling whitebait patties, mussel fritters and seafood chowder.

Te Moutere Tawhito o Wairau

Waitohi/Picton foreshore event map