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Te Ātiawa

Tuia 250 has created a lot of interest in Te Ātiawa’s waka culture.

Rangatahi and whānau are getting out on the water learning everything waka, reo and tikanga.

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Pōwhiri at Meretoto

Tuia is about connection. Our connections to the whenua, to our tīpuna, and to each other.

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Pōwhiri at Meretoto

A meeting of cultures.
Recognition of our tupuna.
Acknowledging our past.
Planning for our future.

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Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō

Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō is one of four iwi of Meretoto/Ship Cove in Tōtaranui /Queen Charlotte Sound. 

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Ko wai tō pepeha?

What is your pepeha?

Pepeha is a way of introducing yourself in Māori.

It tells people who you are by sharing your connections with the people and places that are important to you.

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A Conversation About Our Nation

Let's talk about our history. Let's talk about our shared future.

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Highlights from up high

Drone highlights from the Tuia 250 events at Meretoto/Ship Cove and Waitohi/Picton.

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Early artifacts and trade

Art inspired by tūpuna, their stories and the things they made. 


Journey on the Tuia 250 flotilla

Blenheim man Keelan Walker spent four days with the Tuia 250 flotilla, on board the Tahitian vessel, Fa'afaite i te Ao Mā'ohi.

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Meretoto / Ship Cove

Kiley Nepia and John Hellstrom provide a guided tour to Meretoto/Ship Cove as part of the 2018 Garden Marlborough Tour.

Te Araroa - Tales from the Trails

Te Araroa - Tales from the Trails

Te Araroa - Tales from the Trails on Maori TV features Tōtaranui 250 trustee Kiley Nepia talking about the First Encounters with James Cook at Meretoto/Ship Cove.
(Start at 4min10)

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Tuia Encounters 250

In 2019, New Zealand will mark 250 years since the first meetings between Māori and Europeans during James Cook and the Endeavour’s 1769 voyage to Aotearoa New Zealand.


Photo gallery

Photographs from the Tuia 250 events in Meretoto/Ship Cove and Picton

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Rangitāne o Wairau

Rangitāne have resided in the northern South Island since the arrival of their tupuna Te Huataki in the sixteenth century.

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Ngāti Kuia

Ngāti Kuia have been here for hundreds of years. They are tangata whenua of this rohe.

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Meretoto / Ship Cove

Tuia 250 is about bringing people together and sharing our experiences.  A dual heritage and shared future. 

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Introducing the Flotilla

Tuia 250 is excited to announce the six core vessels in our flotilla that will sail around Aotearoa, New Zealand from October - December 2019.


In 2019, New Zealand will mark 250 years since the first meetings between Māori and Pākehā during James Cook and the Endeavour’s 1769 voyage to Aotearoa New Zealand. Tuia – Encounters 250 will acknowledge this pivotal moment in our nation’s history as well as the extraordinary feats of Pacific voyagers who reached and settled in Aotearoa many years earlier.

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